Business Development Workshops


Do you want to improve your knowledge of running a business, and thereby improve your profits? 



You may wish to attend our Business Development Workshops, which aim to develop your business action plans and goals to facilitate your company’s growth and help it achieve its full potential.


Our workshops are organised into twelve monthly sessions – each of which are half a day long – whereby you will learn the theory behind the workshop activity, and then set up your own business plan.

Each of our sessions focus on specific business areas, which can be catered to your individual needs. Some examples include: 

  • Five-year strategy plans for growth
  • Your financial forecast and how you will get there
  • Setting up your marketing plans
  • Smoothing your business process to facilitate growth 
  • Leadership coaching and performance management
  • Analysing your IT systems and helping with development

Our Business Development Workshops aim to provide coaching on the key elements of business, help you identify areas for improvement, equip you with tools to improve your structure and organisation, and allow for some valuable time out to reflect. They are an excellent way to meet likeminded businesspeople with whom you can share your experiences and ideas. 

In order to book a workshop, please contact us at 

“Whilst I have many years of experience running multi-million-pound teams, I have found this a highly useful exercise and one that I would recommend to any business person trying to juggle the day to day challenges of a business whilst creating an environment for future success.” 
– MD of BoConcept, Canterbury

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